Annual Grants Program - Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

Members of the LACF Annual Grants Jury evaluate the submissions based on criteria developed by the Board of Directors of LACF. The decisions of the jury are final. The jury reserves the right not to make any awards. 

Criteria includes but is not limited to: 

  1. Projects shall fit within the established philosophical framework, objectives and activities of LACF.
  2. Projects shall be capable of being delivered in a form usable by LACF for promotion, visibility and fund-raising purposes. 
  3. Projects shall be achievable within the timeline established by the LACF Board.
  4. Proponents' qualifications shall indicate capability to undertake the project.
  5. Letter(s) from communities, clients, users or other relevant parties shall indicate support for the project.
  6. The overall quality of the proposal shall merit funding support.

 Property Rights

Applicants that receive a grant are requested to submit a photograph of team members, at least three (3) high resolution images related to the project and a pdf of an 8.5 x 11 cover page for publication and use on the LACF website. These visuals are required before the final funds are released.

All documents submitted are the property of the LACF and will not be returned. The LACF assumes no responsibility towards participants for the loss, disappearance or destruction of documents in their application(s), nor for documents submitted late.


Download LACF Grants Policy and Application Procedure 2019
For further information regarding grants contact: 
Faye Langmaid, Grants Program chair >