Annual Grants Program

About the Annual Grants Program

Each fall (generally in mid-September), LACF sends out a Call for Proposals which invites individuals or groups to submit funding requests for projects that explore a specific dimension of landscape architecture. 

LACF supports a wide range of projects, including the development of habitat design guidelines, historic research and documentation, oral histories, professional education programs, design research, conference proceedings and communication projects. You can view 100+ projects by visiting > LACF Archives

Grants up to $10,000 are available to AAPC/CSLA professionals, educators or others seeking to explore or question an issue, or particular interest they believe to be crucial to the profession or to the landscape. In addition, two grants of $2,000 each are offered to graduate students pursuing their thesis or final project for work whose study focus is in keeping with the mandate of the Foundation.

The budget of the annual Grants Program can vary from one year to the next. Applicants may apply for funding in subsequent years.

The Northern Research Bursary, the Gunter A. Schoch Bursary (History of the profession) and the Donald Graham Bursary (Communication) provide funding for submissions that meet the specific criteria established for these bursaries.

Learn more:
LACF Annual Grant Policy and Application procedure 2019

Process Timelines

Fall (September)    Announcement of Annual Grants Program
November (mid)    Grant Applications Due (November 9, 2018)
January (mid)    Announcement of Recipients and Release of 50% of Funds
Winter/Spring    Award Winners Announced in CSLA Bulletin
December (end)     Finished Product Submitted; Final Funds Released



For more information or to submit your project please contact Faye Langmaid, LACF Grants Committee Program Chair: