Scholarship Program

About LACF Scholarship Awards

LACF currently manages a number of different scholarships that are offered to worthy students enrolled in accredited Canadian Landscape Architecture programs. The foundation also offers research bursaries to students (and practitioners) that are administered through the LACF Annual Grants Program.  

An ongoing priority for the Foundation is to provide an endowed, yearly Scholarship Award for each of the accredited programs of Landscape Architecture in Canada.  To achieve this goal, LACF solicits funds for its national scholarship (LACF Andre Schwabenbauer National Scholarship) and partners with CSLA component associations or interested groups on a variety of other regional or thematic scholarship initiatives. 

Scholarship Awards

LACF Andre Schwabenbauer National Scholarship 
The Andre Schwabenbauer Scholarship Award is presented annually to students nominated by faculty members at each of the six accredited landscape architecture programs in Canada. 
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Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship
Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in collaboration with the Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (APALA), awarded its inaugural scholarship in 2014 to a student from the Atlantic provinces currently enrolled in a Landscape Architecture Program.  
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LACF / AAPQ 50  Fund 
This regional endowment fund was established in 2015 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Quebec Association of Landscape Architects (AAPQ)  and it’s founding fathers. The intention of this endowement fund is to award an scholarship to a student studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal. 
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LACF / UBC Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
This fully endowed fund was established in 2015 thanks to the generosity of members and friends of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA). In 2016, an inaugural scholarship was awarded to a student studying Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia.
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In 2016, SALA decided to partner with LACF on their ongoing Academic Scholarship awarded annually to a resident of Saskatchewan. 
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Other partnered scholarship endowment funds have been created and can receive directed donations including:
Note:  Information about these funds and eventual scholarships will be posted as it becomes available. 
LACF is proud to partner with component organisations and other interested parties to establish new scholarship initiatives.