LACF Board _ Directors

Fundraising Committee 
Managing Principal, Corvus Design, Anchorage, AK.  
Past President, CSLA
Past Director, CSLA Board of Directors 
Elected to LACF Board in 2015
"LACF holds a critical role in advancing landscape architecture in Canada through supporting landscape architectural innovation, and encouraging the next generation of leaders and doers. I’m excited to assist LACF in achieving their goals, and expanding the breadth and reach of our profession through LACF efforts."


Peter Briggs NWTLA
Wendy Graham, FCSLA, AAPQ
Communications Committee, Chair
Landscape Architect, Ville de Montréal (retired), WGLA consultant 
College of Fellows, past Chair (2015-17)
Elected to the Board in 2014
“It is a particular honour to serve LACF, in part because my father, landscape architect Don Graham, played a role in establishing the foundation over 25 years ago. I feel like I am carrying the torch for the original ideals that inspired LACF and taking an active role in shaping a better future.
Wendy Graham
Sara-Jane Grueztner, FCSLA, AALA 
President & CEO at Fort Calgary
Past President, CSLA
Elected to the Board in 2016
"LACF recognizes the importance of Landscape Architecture and the need to invest in opportunities that we share. It is time to engage all of our members in the future of the organization – I look forward to raising the profile of LACF and building the capacity of the Foundation to fulfill its’ mandate". 
  Sara-Jane Grueztner
Senior Planner and Landscape Architect, Manager of Landscape Architecture for the Saskatchewan and Manitoba District, AECOM Design Planning/Economics, Winnipeg
Past Editorial Chair, LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES
“Annual LACF grants support landscape architecture practitioners, academics and students in their research, publications and studies. Grants also help preserve the history of the profession in Canada. LACF is about creating a legacy for the future of landscape architecture in Canada. My hope is that we will be able to support more knowledge-building and build broader and more sustainable scholarship funds in the next few years.”
Peter Kreuk
Faye Langmaid, FCSLA,  SALA
Annual Grants Committee, Chair
Planning Services, Municipality of Clarington,
Manager of the Special Projects Branch,
CSLA Awards Program, former Chair
”I have been involved with the LACF as a juror on the Annual Grants Committee and then as Chair of the Annual Grants Committee and Board Member. The 10-plus years of reviewing and managing the adjudication process has given me insight into the innovative works and research that others are doing in and for the profession. There are always interesting ideas that push the boundaries of the profession and I learn about areas of the profession that are different from my area of practice. The Foundation assists in keeping the profession fresh while assisting with compiling and relating our history as a profession in Canada. What better volunteer activity than one that stretches your mind?”
Fay Langmaid
Eha Naylor, FCSLA, OALA
Stragegic Planning Committee
Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited, Toronto Ontario
Chair, OALA Practice Legislation Committee
Elected to the LACF Board in 2014
“ It is my privilege to serve on the Board because this is an important time in our profession and the LACF provides support for growing the capacity of landscape architecture in Canada. The Board has a key role in bringing together knowledge from across the country to benefit landscape architects in their pursuit of excellence in the profession. The role of great landscape architecture in the built environment is a necessity with climate change and the LACF leads innovation through research and raising awareness of exceptional projects." 
  eha naylor oala 20115
Cathy Sears, FCSLA, AALA
Strategic Planning Committee
Landscape Architecture Manager, ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd, Calgary, Alberta  
Past President, CSLA
Past President, AALA
Past Director, CSLA Board of Directors
“Serving as an LACF Board Member is an opportunity to help fulfill the ideals of our profession and to be able to meet and stay connected to people who share those ideals. The LACF plays a huge role in helping advocate for the value of our profession and supporting what we need to do in the future.” 
Cathy Sears
Fundraising Committe 
Founder and principal of Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture Inc. 
Elected to the LACF Board in 2014
"The LACF has a great opportunity to advance landscape architecture through research, scholarships and increased awareness in the media.  With a background in ecological design and living architecture, I am an advocate for investigation, design and metrics to transform and monitor the health of the urban environment. I am especially interested in championing research and design to promote active lifestyles, social interaction, and serenity through water, music and art for persons with neurological disorders."
Ed Versteeg, CSLA, APALA
Grants Committee, Fundraising Committee 
Principal, Ed Versteeg Landscape Architect,
Member and Grants Juror since 2012, 
Elected to the Board in 2015,  
Member on the Scholarship, Fundraising & Grants Committees
"It is important for landscape architects to actively support the growth and development of their profession. LACF provides a productive and rewarding opportunity to contribute to landscape architecture in Canada; the foundation has been a champion of communication, research and scholarship in landscape architecture for more than 25 years."
Natalie Walliser, CSLA, SALA
Communications Committee
University of Saskatchewan, Planner + Landscape Architect 
Congress Chair 2013 Congress in Regina
Elected to the Board in 2015
''As an advocate for landscape architecture and a strong believer in both research and scholarship, the LACF supports the advancement of our profession from the ground up. From supporting new students and young professionals to the promotion of Canadian work on a national and international level, I value the Foundation and am honoured to serve on the Board.''



  Member of the lack board as of 2015_ Nathalie Walliser SALA