LACF Board

 LACF Executive Committee:

Vincent Asselin, President (FCSLA, AAPQ) 
Ron Middleton, Vice President (FCSLA, AALA)
Peter G. Kreuk, Treasurer FCSLA, BCSLA)
Karen LeGresley Hamre, Secretary (FCSLA, NWTALA)
Cecelia Paine, Nominating Committee Chair (FCSLA, OALA)


LACF Directors:

Peter Briggs, (FCSLA, NWTALA)
Wendy Graham, (FCSLA, AAPQ)
Sara-Jane Gruetzner, (AAAPC, AALA)
Don Hester, (FCSLA, MALA)
Faye E. Langmaid, (FCSLA, SALA)
Eha Naylor, (FCSLA, OALA)
Cathy Sears (FCSLA, AALA)
Randy Sharp (FCSLA, BCSLA)
Ed Versteeg (FCSLA, BCSLA)
Natalie Walliser (CSLA, SALA)

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LACF  Administration: 
Financial Administrator: Judy Bennett

PAST LACF Members of the board: 

Dan Glenn (FCSLA, APALA)
Campbell Patterson (FCSLA, SALA)
Ted Baker (FCSLA, OALA)
John B. MacLeod (FCSLA, AAPQ)